CITYWIDE: A Collective Exhibition

A group of like-minded, independent art groups currently active in Philadelphia, have come together for CITYWIDE. Through CITYWIDE, these groups will unify Philadelphia's artist-run collectives in a multi-gallery month-long exhibit. Throughout November 2013, more than twenty collectives will participate in an exchange of exhibitions, ideas, and practices.

During the exhibition, artist-run spaces will host a panel discussion, coordinate shuttles to take participants to and from venues and distribute illustrated maps for convenient public participation. CITYWIDE is open to the public in order to encourage involvement with the local art community and to encourage participants to venture into different neighborhoods, exploring artist-run spaces throughout the city.

The multi-venue exhibit will be located in different neighborhoods throughout the city. The Stake funds will go towards creating an illustrated map of artist-run spaces. Funds will cover design and printing costs. The map will be free and available to the public in print and online. Additionally, CITYWIDE was awarded a Knight Arts Challenge Grant and any Stake money raised will be matched and put to other project costs.

CITYWIDE will bring together 25 artist-run entities together for collective collaboration: Vox Populi, Grizzly Grizzly, Marginal Utility, Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Practice, NAPOLEON, Little Berlin, Space 1026, Fjord, McCartney/Belknap Projects, Rebekah Templeton, Mount Airy Contemporary Artists Space, Basekamp, Highwire, The Traction Company, In Liquid, Paradigm Gallery, Magic Pictures Gallery, Termite TV Collective, BYOPrint Studios, Pterodactyl, Art/Assembly, The SoapBox, Title Magazine, and The Nicola Midnight St. Claire.

A recent collaborative project between Grizzly Grizzly and Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Community Supported Art (CSA) created a direct maker-to-buyer relationship. With the success of CSA many artist-groups have begun to see the potential in collaboration.

CITYWIDE harnesses the energy of Philadelphia’s artist-run collectives, motivating audiences to expand their involvement with art, while strengthening the arts community. Philadelphia's independent art spaces are gaining increasing national visibility. We are a robust community and want to come together for the first time to program a month of events. We believe that CITYWIDE will help solidify Philadelphia as an exciting arts destination for city residents and visitors. This alliance will not only be a source of entertainment, but it will also highlight the impact artist-spaces have on Philadelphia, and strengthen the relationships between city artists and the city.