Logan Youth Arts Program

1. Describe the project a STAKE Grant would help you accomplish (100 words):
The Logan section of North Philadelphia is underserved and miles from any arts organizations in the city. The STAKE grant would allow me to start an 8-week Saturday arts program for children. The program will teach creative writing, visual art, and media arts to children between the ages of 10 and 14. It will provide an artistic outlet for children who may not be able to participate in sports, while also fostering a love for the arts. The children will be encouraged to find ways to express what they feel and engage in multiple ways with the world around them.

2. How will you use the grant toward the realization of your project? $800 is your imaginary budget (50 words):
I will provide notebooks, pens, and pencils for the program. $150 will be used for students to make t-shirts. $150 will provide healthy snacks for the students. $500 will be used to buy art supplies, display the children’s work at a final exhibition, and honorarium for a guest artist.

3. A little about yourself and what led you to your current creative goals. This may include a previous project of yours, ways it both succeeded and failed (this can be entirely unrelated to your proposal) (100 words):
I am currently a senior in college, as well as an artist and a performer. As a result of seeing and experiencing the lack of access that comes along with living in Logan and wanting to record my experiences and those of my neighbors, I decided to learn more about photography and filmmaking. I made a short, informative slideshow about a neighborhood children’s football team. Since then, I have exhibited my photos and videos at Bryn Mawr College, Temple University’s Visual Anthropology conference, El Museo del Barrio in New York City, and even a solo show at Swarthmore College.

4. Why is this project important? How will it benefit the community? (100 words):
This project is important because there are few opportunities for the arts and expression in Logan. Many residents live at or below the poverty line and cannot afford to pay for arts programs that take place around Philadelphia. In the news, Logan is known for its crime. This program will give children a safe space to use art and writing as a means of coping with their stress, while keeping them off of the streets, teaching them new skills, and fostering their talents. It will also give them a chance to visit an art gallery and speak to local artists.